Keegan Mendez

  • Graduate Student

AB Biomedical Engineering, Harvard College; MPhil Bioscience Enterprise, University of Cambridge

Keegan received her bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from Harvard College. It was here that she developed her interest in medical device design and delivery of therapy to the heart working under Professor Roche who was then finishing her PhD in Bioengineering advised by Professor David Mooney and Professor Conor Walsh. Armed with research experience working on an implanted epicardial reservoir for sustained release of targeted cardiac therapy, Keegan went to the other Cambridge and earned her master’s degree in Bioscience Enterprise, focusing on how to translate innovation in the laboratory to a clinically meaningful product. She gained knowledge of the latest advances in exploitable biotechnology and medical science, and an understanding of the legal, ethical, and regulatory problems associated with bringing scientific advances to market. Keegan comes to the TTDD with the goal of leveraging her past experiences to translate unmet medical need into novel research initiatives. She aspires to innovate and translate medical devices that will improve health and patient outcomes. In the TTDD, Keegan works on the design and development of drug delivery devices and catheter-based technologies for minimally invasive intracardiac defect correction and repair.