Friday, Apr 29, 2022

Markus Horvath defended on April 29th 2022. His thesis “A multimodal approach to investigate the effects of respiration on Fontan flow”. He is an expert on the single ventricle physiology mechanics in collaboration with Boston Childrens Hospital. His work is funded by a Charles Hood Award for...

Thursday, Oct 28, 2021

Ellen is co-chairing the Rising Stars in Mechanical Engineering Workship with Prof. Betar Gallant. The Rising Stars event for Mechanical Engineering will take place at MIT from Oct. 28-29, 2021. 32 of the top junior academic women in Mechanical Engineering from around the US have been invited to...

Wednesday, Oct 13, 2021

Lucy successfully defended her thesis. She is the first in the lab to defend and set the bar high!. We are all so proud of you Lucy! 


Saturday, Oct 2, 2021

Ellen, along with Prof. Xuanhe Zhao and Dr. Eimear Dolan, is co-organizing a mini-symposium at ESMC2022 in Galway, Ireland from the 4th – 8th July, 2022. The abstract submission is open until November 19th. ...

Saturday, Sep 25, 2021

The Junior Bose Award is given annually to an outstanding contributor to education from among junior faculty.

Monday, Aug 2, 2021

Congratulations to Luca and Tom for receiving the 2021-22 MIT MathWorks Fellowship. The fellowship supports graduate students within the School of Engineering who are active users of MATLAB and/or Simulink.

Monday, Aug 2, 2021

Congratulations to Bryce on receiving the Johnson and Johnson NMF Future Leaders in Medicine Scholarship!