Brandon Koo

  • Graduate Student

B.S. Mechanical Engineering - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Brandon received his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at MIT. Still here, he continues his great interest in neural control, biomechanical augmentation, and exoskeleton design. At TTDD, Brandon works on designing and developing movement augmentation systems and high output soft actuators for applications in exoskeleton development. His current research affiliations include professor Dava Newman of Aero-Astro where he explores aerospace applications of soft exoskeletons to extend human capabilities in space. Prior to joining TTDD, he worked with Professors Hugh Herr (MIT Media Lab) and Neville Hogan (MIT MechE) in designing, developing, and testing neural control methods for exoskeleton use as well as associated exoskeleton hardware. He hopes to continue his research in his field to aid in the effort of saving, improving, and regaining lives across aerospace, medical, and defense industries. Outside of research, Brandon enjoys playing music and working out.