Jean Bonnemain

  • Alumni Lab Member

MD - Lausanne University

PhD - Lausanne University and EPFL

Swiss board intensive care medicine

Swiss board internal medicine

Jean is a critical care physician with a clinical and research interest on advanced support for circulatory and respiratory failure. He joined the TTDD lab in November 2021 as Visiting Scientist. His work focuses on the development and optimization of cardiac and respiratory assist devices, as well as their interaction with the different physiological systems. With his research, Jean aims to bring his clinical and scientific expertise to efficiently translate new technologies to the clinical practice.

Prior to joining MIT, Jean was a research and clinical fellow in the Department of Adult Intensive Care Medicine in Lausanne. After the completion of his medical study, he obtained the board certification in internal medicine and intensive care medicine. He obtained his PhD from Lausanne University and EPFL, where he used numerical simulation and machine learning for the modelization and optimization of mechanical circulatory support.