Katharina Kempf

  • Alumni Lab Member

B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering,Technical University of Munich

Katharina holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from TUM Technical University of Munich, Germany, where she is currently also a candidate in the master’s program Medical Engineering. She completed her bachelor’s degree with her final project based on simulation modelling and validation. Using experimental measurements, she created a simulation model of the intact mandible which is used to optimize the patient-specific osteosynthesis plates for mandibular reconstruction. I context of her research project during her graduate degree, she designed and prototyped an injection moulded disposable target devices used specifically for the reconstruction of the humerus by implantation of a polyaxial intramedullary nail. By interning in different companies including Cellebrite in Tel Aviv, Israel and Brainlab in Munich, she gained insights into software and medical industry. She then studied at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. As a visiting student she focused on simulation methods in medical engineering, medical imaging and machine learning.
Katharina joined TTDD focusing on computational and experimental modeling, biomechatronic systems and surgical soft robotic. Within her master’s thesis, she develops a framework for a simulation model to predict the lifetime of various types of actuators (3D printed, extruded), with initial focus on pneumatic actuators made from viscoelastic materials.