Samuel Gollob

  • Graduate Student

B.S. Mechanical Engineering (Minor: Computer Science) - University of Maryland, College Park

At TTDD, Sam is interested in biohybrid and bioactuated systems for applications in implantable devices and robotics. His other research interests include microscale soft robotics, swarms behavior, and smart materials. Prior to joining TTDD, he worked with Dr. Elizabeth Smela (UMCP) in developing a sensor that utilized olfactory cells on a microelectrode array to sense and identify complex scents. He also worked with Dr. Sarah Bergbreiter (CMU) to design, fabricate, and characterize a microstructured airflow sensor for drones, inspired by the filliform hairs on insects. Sam has also participated in designing engineering courses for the University of Maryland, College Park. He is interested in engineering education, digital media for instruction, and large-scale educational reform.